Psychic Hanna


Psychic Hanna


Psychic Hanna Reunites Lovers and Removes Curses.

Stop Hurting, Stop Crying, Take Control of Your Life today!*



The results described are not guaranteed and will vary based on a variety of factors.


About Hanna

Psychic Hanna is a god gifted 5th generation psychic and love specialist. She has devoted her life to helping others. She has been reading, counseling, and advising people for 30 years. With her extensive education and experience she will answer questions with clarity and honesty about love, relationships, career, finance, life path, and spiritual guidance. She can and will guide you to your true life's path, no matter how far you have strayed. She offers the highest level of emotional and spiritual healing.

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Are You Cursed?

All you need to do is look back in your life. Did anything seem unfair, or a lover broke up with you for seemingly no reason?

You may be cursed. You need Hanna to help. She is an expert in curse removal and can help no matter how strong you thing your curse is.

Simply call for an evaluation and to get your work started right away. She also is able to remove spells and love spells.




Hanna's expertise include:


The results described are not guaranteed and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Curse Removal*

Hanna can remove curses, remove spells and remove love spells. Curses, spells and hexes are common and may be ruining your life. Let Hanna help.


Aura Cleansing*

Aura is a very important thing that can bring positive people closer into your life and push the negative people further away.

Reuniting Lovers*

Hanna is able to reunite lovers, stop divorce, stop breakups and even stop cheating and bring your lover back.


Psychic Power Tools*

These will help your mind body and soul get back into the rhythm of life and wash away your tears, misery and unhappiness.


Spiritual Cleanings*

Psychic Spiritual Cleansing & Healing, Remove Negative Energies, Bad Luck,  Jealous Enemies & Dark Blockages


Social Media Love Problems

Has your lover blocked you on social media? Stop the drama, get him or her back. 

Psychic Medium Readings*

Psychic Medium Readings will reveal your past, present and future and elements of your life such as family, career and  love, will be revealed to you.


1-on-1 Meditation

Hanna offers 1-on-1 personalized, private meditation packages.

Tarot Readings*

Blessed tarot readings that can answer life's most troubled problems.

Hanna is a master tarot reader that can advise you quickly, if you are wasting your time in your relationship or career, and advise you on the right path.


Hanna is not only a psychic but also a family & relationship counselor. Through this she is able to not only bring your lover back using her psychic intuition, but also make your relationship even stronger through the power of couples counseling. 

Hanna is also a life coach, able to help bring you to any goals you may have in your life. She uses spiritual guidance to bring you closer to the path you were meant to be on. 

Hanna offers many counseling packages including hour-long meditation sessions, couples and family counseling, life coaching and more. 

Contact Hanna for details and pricing at (817)-681-5186

Packages & Pricing

 silver package


Gold Package


Platinum Package


    Live Psychic Readings

    Most other psychics only offer phone readings. Hanna is different. Using the app of your choice, you can connect to your reading on a more personalized level.

    Her psychic video readings are completely free. No cost is required.

    Call today to schedule a live psychic reading. 



    This is what people have to say about Psychic Hanna


    This is what people have to say about Psychic Hanna

    The results described are not guaranteed and will vary depending on a variety of factors.

    Me and my boyfriend just could not get past our families I mean it was bad, different religions and all kinds of other problems. Then I contacted Hanna and she gave me the most remarkable reading. She did spiritual work for me and now we are very happy." ~ Monica*


    “I had to let go of my career to raise my daughter with no help from her father. I never imagined I would be a single mom struggling. I was at a dead end job and full of stress. So I turned to a Hanna for help. She helped me in so many ways. I can’t thank her enough. I have a great paying job and I am not so stressed to enjoy my daughter and life." ~ Joyce*

    Hanna's reading was right on target. she picked up the person I wanted to know about without me even asking her,  she described him perfectly. Her reading helped me see dynamics that were hidden. Hanna is friendly and easy to talk to. She has integrity and genuinely cares about the people she reads for. I highly recommend her." ~ Morgen*



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