It can be very difficult to determine if you are cursed, hexed or suffering spiritual attack. My experience is that about 67% of the time, people who are having a difficult time are cursed. while, 34% of the time the indications of spiritual attack are not present. A curse evaluation reading is the most accurate and precise way to determine whether or not you are cursed.

The curse evaluationreading is like a lab test. If it comes back negative you have can eliminate a spell, curse, hex as the cause of your difficulties. If the reading is positive then we can often get some idea of the strength, relationship and even possibly a physical description of the attacker and determine if the curse is removable or not.

How Can I get a Curse or Hex Lifted?

Removing a curse is a job for a specialist and should not be attempted by a amateur because of the high risk of making the curse worse.  If your curse evaluation reading detects a curse/hex, and the curse is in fact removable then a curse removal service will be offered to you.

Curse Protection?

For protection from curses, witchcraft, hexes & spells a permanent protective barrier will be placed around you, this acts as a filter or shield and offer protection against curses and witchcraft.